Real friends

In our life, we have met a million of people and we keep making relationships with everybody, but the question is.. do every person you have met deserve to be your best friend? or in other word is he going to appreciate your relationship?. I am posting this post because I keep disappointing of some friend that I thought they deserve my trust, while I mess my real friends whose I have not see them since last July. ” A REAL FRIEND IS SOMEONE, WHO HOLDS YOUR HAND, BUT AT THE SAME MOMENT TOUCHES YOUR HEART”



Listening music

ImageHi guys,

My friend Hamad advised me to listen to the music in order to increase my concentration during studying my exams. But i have observed it is useful, and it has affect my performance in the negative way as i am loosing my concentration while i am studying. I partly agree with him in case I am going to write my essays to not feel boring and not feel sleepy. Any it is depend on the person, may be other people prefer the noise while they doing their duties. 


It is the last day of the semester. I was waiting for this moment because i handed out all my assignments which have been a main cause of stress in my life. Only one month left in order to finish the last three exam in my whole life. I can not describe my feelings because I am going to miss my lecturers and my friends as well, at the same time I am under another stress of the exam preparation.

Wish me lucks with my exams guys…. 

Home sick

Image I really mess my friends, i feel that i have home sick, may be this is the exams stress reflection. After two months I am going to complete one year away from my country, From time to time my family visit me for a while, but sorry this is not enough, i messs my life with my best friends we are like brothers not just friends. The attached picture has taken in my friend Fahad graduation event from the military college, and by the way, I am the person whose wearing the white shirt and sunglasses on the left.

Malaysian airlines make us United

We need like this action to hence the peace through our world

Muneer Aljamaan

The unsolved mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 with 239 people on board has captured global attention. Although the curtsey to know what actually happened for this flight has attracted everybody’s’ mind, I think that sympathy for the people on board and their families is the most important aspect of this disaster. Next Wednesday, SEBE student Ambassador team in association with Faith and Belief centre in GCU have organised a multi faith prayer session for Malaysian airline MH370 victims.

This initiative makes me optimistic to forget all our differences and become united in both happiness and disasters.


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Team work


It is really great to help each other. if you have a sparkle idea that could help your class mates with their study, please do not hesitate to share it, diffidently you will not loss anything. What I mean is to participate in the group study, even if you are A student, you will not cover the whole ideas alone. I support the idea of team work as a study group as it useful for each person in the group.


Beggining of the stressful

Three weeks… and the stressful is coming about… i can not imagine that the coming exam diet is going to be the last three exams in my whole life. So, i must do all my best in order to pass the hardest period i would live ever. even though i have to submit a dozen of assignments, i will never give up.

Good luck guys